Robots with an actual feeling of Goosebumps and Sweating

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As most of the Scientists are busy in creating robots with facial expressions, a group from Japan’s KansaiUniversity is creating another aspect of it. Besides giving robots faces and bodies, they are developing robots who can sweat and get Goosebumps in the same way as we humans do according to the situation.


Till now they have developed three of its prototypes which include a machine that gets Goosebumps in the presence of cold or scary environment. Second one sweats in the condition of anxiety and the last known as Breatter that have an in-built fan for the production of air at the time of speaking.

In addition to this Dr. Tomoko Yonezawa says that as the involuntary behavior reveals our true feelings in the same way by giving robots these types of capabilities we would be bale to read and feel their intentions.

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