Revolutionary Fugu Suitcase for all Your Needs

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Fugu Luggage


Fugu Luggage has introduced one revolutionary suitcase that will accomplish your all needs. You can use it from a carry-on to a full size check-in, as a closet, a table, and many more types.

This is a modern concept disclosed by Fugu team to reframe the traditional suitcase in a contemporary case named as Fugu Luggage that will fulfill the need of modern traveler.


Unique & Useful features of Fugu Luggage

Fugu Luggage


Size & Dimensions: This is designed according to the standard airline size limitations, maximum regulation carry-on, and check-in size.

Strength and Stability: Fugu luggage is built from durable material, water resistant and the walls absorb shock to protect your items inside.


Fugu Luggage


Put your belongings in Fugu Shelves: Yes, it can also works as shelves. You can enable the it into double storage units, can keep your all belongings clean & organize during the whole journey.

Use it as a Table when require: Fugu Luggage height and width gives you an extra advantage, you can use it as a portable table for multiple purpose.



Keep your Laptop in Fugu Case: Now, you don’t need to carry your laptop case as a other luggage, you can use Fugu as a laptop case. Team has designed it to keep laptop with complete security.

Make it Vacuum Bags When Need: Vacuum bags are too easy to carry for travelers; this feature is also added in it to provide convenience.


Fugu Table


Weight is too lighter: The overall weight is lighter than a standard suitcase, in a few hundred grams that is less than a pound.

Easily Movable: Its spinner wheels provide 360 degrees full circle rotation.




Save Storage Space: When it folds then it holds very small space in room, train, bus and aero plane. It saves storage as compare to traditional case.


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