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As Cars are now equipped with the facility of self driving, the bike industry is also making new innovations which includes the launch of GPS enabled world’s first smart and connected bicycle. This Vanhawks Valour smart bike is connected to the smartphone App with GPS system directly to the handle bars of the bicycle. According to experts this proves to be very much effective by 2025 as it has a widespread effect on the lives of mankind.

Designed by the two commuters with a manufacturer background, Ali Zahid and Sohaib Zahid specially designed this bike for those who live in the urban communities. Apart from all this, it gives turn-by-direction to the bike in order to avoid the potholes and suggests the secured way.


It includes sensors devices such as Bluetooth 4.0, mesh network, Shimano caliper brakes, Unibody Carbon fibre and many more. You can click here for the latest view of it. http://kck.st/Sen9PU

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