Are you a diet Conscious? This Gadget will tell you about the number of calories present in your food…

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How it could be if you have the option to scan an apple in the grocery store and you will get the results of how much calories it contain and how sweet it is? Isn’t it beneficial? One group of Scientists is now making this thing possible for us.

SCiO known as the sixth sense is basically a pocket-sized molecular sensor patented by Consumer Physics Inc., which is a startup located at Tel Aviv, Israel. By placing this molecular sensor near to an object and just pressing it for 2 seconds let you analyze the objects complete chemical properties such as calories, proteins, etc. and send the information via cloud o the user’s Smartphone directly.

Check out the video for the  working of product .

 The company is still working on the prototype of SCiO; the complete device has yet to be created.  For more details Visit:

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