Quadski – World’s first High Speed Amphibian Car

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Gibbs Sports Amphibian Inc is a global leader in the field of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology which introduces two innovative amphibians named as the Quadski and the Quadski XL for refining the idea of freedom, flexibility and fun.

Now you don’t have to choose either in between the trail and water. The important concern is given on freedom, opportunities, flexibility and boundaries too. This new amphibian provides its users a new era of thrill and recreation. A true Quadski amphibian is perfectly agile on both land and water. Just by a single touch the wheels retracts after entering the water and deploys them at the time when they approached back to water.

Riding on this acknowledge you a exciting and unique experience due to its capability of reaching the speeds of around 45 mph on both water and land.

This is the world’s first high speed sports amphibian manufactured in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

For more information Visit: http://www.gibbssports.com/

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