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Just imagine that your business card contain all your important videos, business presentation, your website, etc. in it. Is it not beneficial for the recipient to contact you easily?

Yes, this all now becomes possible due to the development of a Premium Business card named as SwivelCard.

The very first question which arises in your mind is what exactly is this SwivelCard?

A swivelCard is a USB embed paper based business card having a remote access and full control on all your analytics. Due to its remote logging facility you can even update its information just by logging into your account after giving the card to the recipient also.

The bottom of the card folds into a USB stick, which can then be used for storing the information such as your resume, web based portfolio, etc.


Presently the cards are in eight different significant colorful designing patterns. In order to add analytics to the card, the company has launched a campaign which allows card owners to update the information remotely and also for checking how the recipients are using it.

 As the cards will be sold in packs of 200, the starting cost is around $319. Other than this a more expensive and featured version is also available which transfers the data to the card wirelessly by using NFC (Near Field Communication) costing $379 for 200 cards.

The shipping of the cards will begin out for the supporters from October 2014 on the basis of first-come, first-serve.

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