Google Glass can Read your Mind by the use of this App and Gadget

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An App has been created by one of the London based startup -design studio which helps the users to take pictures and socialize them directly with twitter.

The App named as MindRDR make use of both – the Google Glass and a brain activity monitoring device which helps in taking photos and directly post them to the social media platforms without touching the screen at all.

In this the brain activity device known as Neurosky EEG biosensor tracks each kind of neural patterns which the brain exhibits when it is focusing on some kind of thing. After that the App MindRDR translates these all patterns into actions for example, telling the Glass to take photos and then post it as powered by the thought.

According to the creators of MindRDR, as the technology is very much cool for everyday users it allows people to engage fully with the world even without having the ability to speak.

Dusan Hamlin, the CEO said in a statement that Google Glass is among the best recognizable and popular piece of wearable device of the World but after getting our hands on it, we saw the potential to incorporate the EEG technology into it for providing wider benefits to the society. That is why we want the users to realize the actual potential of the Glasses by allowing it to control with their minds.

The MindRDR app is absolutely free, but you have to pay a cost of $1,838 for the Glasses and a Biosensor.  For the complete details about the App Visit:

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